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Exercise… Do You Really Need It?

Misha Jun 6

So exercise… do you really need it? I question this all the time!…and the answer is YES! A resounding YES!

Oh, and this is not one of those guilt blogs trying to get you to go to the gym.

I mean, I hate exercising!
– It’s painful!
– it’s hard!
– And let’s be honest it’s extra work!

On top of everything else we have going on in our lives exercising is a lot of extra work.

I honestly would rather lay on the couch the whole day and watch TV.

Exercising Sucks

Unfortunately that only feels good while I’m laying on the couch watching TV, and I want to feel good the whole day.

This is where exercise comes in.

There has been so much research done on the benefits of exercise that I think at this point it’s a no-brainer. Other than time, what really prevents people from getting their asses to the gym is the big misconception that it has to do with losing weight or gaining muscle or some crazy competition. NONE of those the reasons I exercise.

I do it because it makes me feel good!Tip for getting started:

Find something you like that would lead you to an active lifestyle. For me it was cycling — I got myself a bike started riding and without even realizing I was exercising — it was just pure fun. This eventually got me going to the gym and now I’m there 3–4 times a week*.
*it’s usually just 3, but I try.

The key is to start slow:

– Ease yourself into it as if you’re starting a brand-new relationship with somebody special.
– Please set realistic goals — don’t go running for 5 miles if you never ran a mile in your life before, because you CAN do it, you CAN run five miles , — it’s just, the next morning you’re not going to feel good, and I’m afraid that might discourage you from going for a run again.

I actually think that this is why a lot of people start and stop exercising so quickly — they just overwork themselves.

This is the way I think of things — if you don’t exercise, there’s going to be a point in your life when you go to your doctor and he or she is gonna tell you to do so.

So, why wait?


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